Saga of the Stormchaser is an unpublished (and probably unwritten) Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Jonathan Green. It was in the planning stages when Puffin Books ceased publication of the original series.


Saga of the Stormchaser was to be set in Vynheim, especially in and around the Giant's Teeth islands, and you were to play the King of Vynheim on a quest to thwart the plans of an Evil wizard. A sketch-map of the area where the adventure was to take place was also released (see Map of Frostholm) along with the following description:[1]

I actually started on Saga of the Stormchaser before Pirates of the Black Skull but Marc preferred the idea of bloodthirsty voodoo pirates to FF Vikings so went with the latter instead. The idea was that you were the King of Vynheim and an evil wizard was trying to bring about the end of the world, as usual, and you had to stop him. You set off from Vynheim on board the Stormchaser with a trusty crew and a band of even trustier companions (which worked in the same way as being able to choose special skills in other books) navigating the treacherous waters of the Iceberg Straits and encountering various curious creatures and characters on the islands of the Giant's Teeth. That's it in a nutshell, really.

Another description of the abandoned adventure is thus:[2]

It was entitled Saga of the Stormchaser and was set in and the north-eastern corner of Allansia.

As far as I remember the hero was actually the King of Vynheim, in Frostholm, and in true Viking fashion he was a hero of epic proportions. The plot involved Lord Logaan the Trickster himself setting you off on your mission to thwart an evil magician and stop him from awakening an ancient evil (as usual!). On your voyage across Bjorngrim's Sea towards a distant isle at the end of the Giant's Teeth chain you fought with sea monsters such as a Killer Whale, you visited the Claw, a rocky island that was home to a tribe of savage birdmen, as well as encountering the demonic, shape-changing Mara.

In my second gamebook, Knights of Doom, I utilised the system of introducing different skills that the reader could choose for their hero. In Saga of the Stormchaser your crew took the place of these skills with individual characters displaying a whole range of different abilities. There was a barbarian strongman, a Valkyrie warrior-woman, a Dwarf and several others (although their specific talents escape me for the moment).

Having written the introduction to the adventure, the first 100 paragraphs and a detailed plot synopsis I sent the whole lot off to Marc Gascoigne (Puffin's Gamebook advisory editor). I awaited a response with baited breath. However, at an earlier meeting I had mentioned to Marc that I also had a good idea for a voodoo-pirate adventure and he liked the sound of this better. So, Saga of the Stormchaser was put to one side while I set about preparing the proposal for Pirates of the Black Skull.

Future of the Book[]

There have been no indications that Wizard Books plan to publish this book.

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