skill 5-10
stamina 9-24
luck 4-9
magic 7
Preferred Weapon Staff, Magic
Homeland Sanctuary
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

For other uses of Sallazar, see Sallazar (disambiguation)

Sallazar is an Amarillian wizard. He is one of the four playable characters in both Legend of Zagor gamebook and boardgame [1]. However, he is a minor character in the Zagor Chronicles novels, the wizard role being held by his sister Jallarial.

In the Zagor Chronicles[]

He is the apprentice of the Grand Wizard Sallazar. Folowing an Amarillian traditional custom, he took his master's name in order to honour his tutor. As an apprentice of the Grand Wizard, he fougth the Bone Demon at the side of his master, but do not survive the battle. He got only time to informs his sister Jallarial about the disastrous events. [2]

In Legend of Zagor[]

In Legend of Zagor, Sallazar escaped the deadly destiny of his master, and participates to the retake of Castle Argent. He is the only character able to have access to the Amarillian Grimoire [3] and able to use the Wand of the Hawk [4] .