Sea Elf
skill 8
stamina 6
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Crossbow, Dagger or Spear
Habitat Lakes, Seas
Number Encountered 2-7
Type Humanoid, Elf
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence High

A Sea Elf was even more reclusive than their land-based cousins, although unlike many of the races thatadapted to dwell underwater, they kept in close - relatively speaking, that was - contact with the surface world, sending a delegation to the Elven Council once a century, where their emissaries spent the proceedings floating in a large water-filled tank! [1]


A Sea Elf also bore more resemblance to its land-based relatives than most other aquatic races, being virtually unchanged in so far as basic form was concerned. However, they developed potent chameleonic abilities, and webs between their fingers and toes to assist in swimming; though very little else had changed.

Sea elves worshipped many gods, including Hydana and Erillia, Lord Whale and Ichthys.

Origins and Distribution[]

Sea elves were created by the god Hydana, who stole elves from the land and enchanted them so that they might live underwater and prosper in the seas and oceans of Titan.

The Sea Elves managed to retain their ancestral love of the bow, by crafting bone crossbows that fired small projectiles at great speed through the water; and continued their worship in the style of their surface relatives, with simple shrines and altars. Even their homes are simple - being little more than a modest-sized cave that has been well-hidden by long strands of seaweed.




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