Senyakhaz was a Zagoula born sorceress and also a priestess of the Khaz priesthood and a disciple of Xakhaz.[1]

She is a "Mistress of Illusion" and for a long while she held the Margrave of Neuberg Keep in thrall until defeated by the Champion of Oiden. It is thought that she was born Senya, adding the "khaz" once she had joined the priesthood. As well appearing to be a regally beautiful young woman she is an accomplished knife-fighter.

In 283AC, Winds, Ishtra manifested himself in eastern Khul through the use of dream magic and the activities of his supporters Morgana, Senyakhaz and Jaxartes. He arranged to have one of his generals from the Great War against Chaos, a wizard called Shanzikuul, resurrected, to lead the eastern forces of Chaos in Khul whilst Senyakhaz would restore Xakhaz to lead the western. In 283AC, Fire, Baron Tholdur travelled to Zagoula and returned under the influence of the sorceress Senyakhaz, with a retinue of southern soldiers who planned to release their great leader, Xakhaz.

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