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The Serpent Ring was an artefact that had power over the Seven Serpents. [1]

A ring fashioned in the shape of a serpent, it had been in the possession of beggar who was once the Seventh Noble of Kharé. He was under the impression that it protected the user against serpents and it had been his prized possession. However, he was willing to give it up to an adventurer who gave him alms.[2]

Effects on Serpents Edit

The Serpent Ring forced the Serpents to reveal information, which was a duty set down by their gods.[3] It is not known why this is the case. Otherwise, it offers no protection, other than perhaps delaying the attack long enough for the wearer to think of a plan.[4]

Moon: Four guards protect the entrance to Mampang Fortress.[5]

Earth: Offer no gold to Valignya.[6]

Fire: Do not eat from the larder of Throg. The Serpent is bound to reveal a secret.[7]

Sun: Beware the breath of the Mucalytics.[8]

Air: Do not use the blood candle in the Chamber of Night.[9]

Water: Pay respect to Naggamanteh the torture master.[10]

Time: The Archmage is not as he seems. He is disguised as his true form would warn intruders of his presence.[11]

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