Shabak (once named Shabek)[1] is a small principality in eastern Allansia on the Shabak Peninsula, south of the Sea of Pearls. The terrain of Shabak is primarily flat plains.[2]

The principality consists of little more than the city-state of Bakulan, and little is known of this land.[3] It is known that Shabak's inhabitants trade with the primitive tribes who live on the Plain of Bones.[3] It has also been recorded that the use of Mulberry fruits to feed silkworms to create silk is an important part of Shabak's economy.[4]

Notable residents of Shabak include the sorcerer and mystic Enstaflis Anaren.[5]

The Glimmer Stone was found in Shabak on Earthday 28th of Hiding, 1605OT.[1]

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There is an amateur website expanding significantly the lore and the story of Shabak: https://web.archive.org/web/20191013050313/http://www.fightingfantasy.org.uk/ShabakRealms.htm


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