Shape Changer
skill 10
stamina 10
Attacks 2
Habitat Forests, Hills, Plains, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid/Monster
Reaction Neutral-Hostile
Intelligence High

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A Shape Changer is a spiny Lizard Man-like creature which can take any humanoid form to catch its prey (Humans) unaware. It will revert to its natural form when attacking which is green, scaly and with spines along the length of its spine down to the tip of its long tail. It is believed that it can physically change its general shape, size and features and fills in the finer details with magical illusion.

Shapechangers were created many centuries ago by the wizard Axion. [1]

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The Forest of Doom

(paras 203#, 286#, 308, 373) (Skill-10, Stamina-10)


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Island of the Lizard King

(paras 294, 318#) (Skill-10, Stamina-10)

Armies of Death

(paras 22#, 338*, 361) (Skill-10, Stamina-10)

Out of the Pit

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Warlock Issue 2

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Warlock Issue 6


The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook

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Phantoms of Fear

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Midnight Rogue

(paras 6#, 33#, 86, 229, 367#) (Skill-10, Stamina-10)

Siege of Sardath

(paras 186, 249)


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