Skeleton Warrior
skill 8
stamina 6
Habitat Dungeons and Ruins
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Skeleton Warriors are a type of Undead monster in the Fighting Fantasy world.

Description and OriginEdit

Skeleton Warriors are the armour clad upgrade from an ordinary Skeleton which a Necromancer has animated and instilled with greater fighting skill. A Skeleton Warrior can be given simple instructions such "Patrol the corridors" or "Kill intruders", which they carry out without question, armed with various hand weapons. Should the Necromancer who animated them be slain, then they will instantly collapse to the ground as a pile of bones they once were.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Edged weapons such as swords will only inflict one point of damage on a Skeleton Warrior (under the Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules, considering the variable weapon damage values, damage is automatically reduced by one point per hit). Blunt weapons such a war-hammer cause damage as normal.[1]

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