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This Spell-lock takes the form of an arcane sigil upon a door, magically preventing entry through it.

It is found upon the secret door leading to a hidden room in Caer Skaal.[1] The room is where the wizard, Savant, hid himself after Belgaroth descended into evil[2] and contains not only Savant's skeleton, but his research and experimentation, some of it aimed at combating Chaos.

Though unable to successfully apply his discoveries, the wizard was nevertheless successful in his research, and among his papers there is an incantation necessary to defeat the Order of the Knights of Chaos.[3]

Solving the Spell-lock PuzzleEdit

The Spell-lock is presented to the player as a puzzle - a pentagram type symbol containing runes and six numbers.

The answer can be arrived at by seeing that each smaller number on the sigil is a factor of its opposite number. Dividing the larger number by its opposite will always yield six.

Also, out of all the symbols on the magical icon six of are numbers and six are runes. Thus the player could potentially discover six that way. However, this is rather too simple and might only be a coincidence or a clue to deciphering the actual logic of the puzzle. We could also say that six therefore appears three times in the puzzle, giving the number 666, but this can't be the answer as there are only 400 references in the book.

In any case, the answer to the spell-lock puzzle is indeed six, and turning to that reference number will result in the door unlocking.[4]

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