The Spirit Plane is the dimension that the souls of deceased beings from Titan go to after their deaths. [1] It is described in Out of the Pit as a "nebulous layer" between the Earthly Plane and the Magical Planes.[1] The souls of Good beings on the Spirit Plane usually travel to the Celestial Court, while the souls of Evil beings generally go to the Infernal Pit.[1] Some beings, however, dwell on the Spirit Plane permanently; Ghosts and Poltergeists are trapped here because of the manner of their deaths.[1][2] The dreaded Ganjees live on the Spirit Plane.[1] Below the Spirit Plane lies the Plane of Pain region of the Pit. [3]

The metal silver has a partial existence on the Spirit Plane as well as the Earthly Plane, and hence weapons made of silver can harm Ghosts and other creatures from the Spirit Plane.[4]

During the War of the Wizards, Allansian sorcerers detected the presence of Chaos on the Spirit Plane. [5]

Balthus Dire was able to send his mind into the Spirit Plane by using the herb Cunnelwort.[6]

Belgaroth and his undead Chaos Knights were able to travel through a rift in the Spirit Plane and return to Titan after their previous defeat. [7]


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