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Starlight Adventures is a series of single-player role-playing gamebooks aimed at a primarily female audience.

The Starlight Adventures were published by Puffin under the Adventure Gamebooks banner (except the sixth and final book which dropped this), which also covered the more popular Fighting Fantasy and the related Sorcery! series, as well as the Cretan Chronicles and the one-off Shakespearean-era role-playing game Maelstrom.

The Books[]

Title Author(s) Illustrator Cover Illustrator First Published
1 Star Rider Carole Carreck Peter Wilks Steve Jones 14-Feb-1985
2 The Riddle of the Runway Heather Fisher Bob Harvey James Bareham 14-Feb-1985
3 Island of Secrets Kim Jordan Peter Wilks Steve Jones 1-Jun-1985
4 Danger on the Air Elizabeth Steel Peter Wilks James Bareham 1-Jun-1985
5 Ice Dancer Elizabeth Buchan & Tessa Strickland Tim Sell James Bareham 1-Aug-1985
6 Trance Pat Hewitt Gareth Jones James Bareham 31-Oct-1985

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