Stonebridge is a Dwarven village situated to the north of Darkwood Forest on the banks of the Red River.[1][2][3][4] Stonebridge is located about a day and a half's travel from the River Kok. [5] Passage can be purchased on boats in Stonebridge to travel down the Red River to Kaad. [6] A Dwarf named Gillibran is the King of Stonebridge.[7] The Stonebridge Warhammer is the symbol of his political power.[7]

The Dwarves of Stonebridge have good relations with the village of Anvil.[8] However, they are frequently in conflict with the Dwarves of Mirewater. [9]

Several famous Dwarfs - Morri Silverheart, Bigleg and Stubb Axecleaver - all hailed from Stonebridge. [10] Bigleg's nephew, Littlebig, is also an adventurer of some note. [11]

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