The Stonebridge Warhammer is a warhammer with a head of bronze and handle of polished ebony.[1]

Yannisara the arch-sorcerer originally created the magical Stonebridge Warhammer as a reward for for the Redweed Dwarves, after the latter saved Yannisara's life during a great battle. [2] It was given to one of Gillibran Ironhelm III's ancestors; Gillibran inherited the Warhammer from his father.[2]

If thrown at an enemy, the Warhammer will return to its wielder's hand after hitting its target. The Warhammer also serves as a standard for the Dwarves of Stonebridge during battle, who rally around the Warhammer's bearer whenever Stonebridge is attacked. [3] The Warhammer also has the power to destroy evil magical artifacts.[4]

For these reasons, the forces of Evil would dearly love to steal the Warhammer in order to undermine Stonebridge.[2]

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