Sword of the Samurai

Developer Adventuresoft (UK) Ltd
Publisher(s) U.S. Gold Ltd
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum 48k; Commodore 64; Amstrad CPC; BBC Micro/Acorn Electron
Release Date 1987 (planned but unconfirmed)
Genre Adventure game
Media Tape (Compact audio cassette)
Floppy Disk
Book based on Sword of the Samurai

For other uses of Sword of the Samurai, see Sword of the Samurai (disambiguation)

Sword of the Samurai was supposedly converted into a computer game by AdventureSoft to be distributed by U.S. Gold. However, as a computer game conversion appears to only be known from adverts. The December 1986 issue of Computer and Video Games (Issue 62, page 60) and the January 1987 issue of Sinclair User (Issue 58, page 90) both ran the same advert displaying it along with Rebel Planet and Temple of Terror (and also a non-Fighting Fantasy game called Kayleth). The advert was detailed in terms of pricing including details for a number of versions:

However, what is notable is that the two titles that were definitely released both featured the actual game cover replete with Fighting Fantasy Logo, whereas the Sword of the Samurai image conspicuously had not logo at all on it, implying that it had not reached production at the time of the advert. The September 1986 issue of Crash (magazine) (Issue 32, page 96) ran a preview of the game and the March 1987 issue of Your Sinclair also had a news item, although once again the game image was not used.[1]

Advert for Sword of the Samurai

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