Domain Courage
Other Names Orial; The Swordbearer; Telak Swordbearer; The Shieldbearer; and The Warrior.
Symbols Golden Sword
Parentage Courga and Fourga
Affiliations Hall of Mind; Rogaar
Priest Colours Gold
Holy Day 11th Unlocking (10th Land's Awakening)[1]
4th Watching (6th Man's Harvesting)[2]

Telak is the god of Courage.


He is the son of the goddess Courga and the god Fourga (note that in Kharé, where Courga is a god, Telak is not worshipped). He is often associated with Rogaar, the Lion Lord. He is also known as Orial as well as "The Swordbearer", "The Shieldbearer" and "The Warrior". He is the Patron of all warriors and professional mercenaries. He is a member of the Hall of Mind.[3]


Lendleland nobility worship him. In Brice he is also worshipped. In this country the church of the Swordbearer (as he is known there) is powerful and along with the church of the Dyshyos (Fourga) impose a heavy tithe on those who are permitted to own their own land and live in the cities.

Ruddlestone is governed by the priesthood of Telak the Swordbearer, but allows religious tolerance within certain limits to churches of gods friendly to Telak (Courga, Fourga, Throff, and Filash for instance are notable examples). The priests of Telak in Ruddlestone lead monk-like lifestyles. The High Priest, or Priest-King, is the head of the Telak church in Ruddlestone and is its monarchical ruler. Worship of Telak unites all classes in Ruddlestone. The current Priest-King is called Rogar, the Lion King, who takes Telak's association with Rogaar, the Lord of Lions, to the hilt.

"The Arm of Telak"Edit

"The Arm of Telak" is a god-forged weapon that was used by the forces of Vymorna to repel the onslaught of the army of Evil and Chaos laying siege to them. It was located after the Prince of that Realm (a devotee of Telak) was visited by Telak in a dream. [4] With the exception of the Talisman of Loth (which is not considered a weapon by many scholars) this is one of only two god-forged weapons known to be present in Titan, the other being the Spear of Doom used in the defeat of Voivod.


Telak is often portrayed as a heavily armoured warrior accompanied by a lion. His armour may well be golden as will be his sword. The Golden Sword is actually his symbol as well. This symbol is often to be found tattooed on the backs of the sword hand of warriors. Alternatively Telak has appeared in visions as a Dragon and as a giant Lion. He is closely associated with Rogaar. The priests of Telak, who are known to take up the adventuring life, clad themselves in golden robes, gold being his sacred colour.

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