skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Magic
Habitat The cities of the world of Orb
Reaction Unfriendly-Hostile
Intelligence High

Thaum is a rogueish illusionist who appears in the gamebook Talisman of Death and its later spin-offs, The Way of the Tiger series. He is a denizen of the world of Orb.


Thaum is a young man with long hair dressing in flowing grey robes who wears a gold ear-ring.[1] Thaum is a magician specializing in illusions,[2] though he has been known to use actual combat spells, preferably exploding Fireballs.[3] The true extend of his spell repertoire, and how much of it is mere illusion and how much are actual effects, is unknown.

Thaum usually uses his magic from the background to aid his cohorts Tyutchev and Cassandra, either by drawing attention to himself[4] or by aiding his comrades and weakening their opponents.[5] He and his comrades are worshippers of the Chaos god Anarchil, Breaker of Edifices, and thus select and slay their victims as they will, the better to spread chaos into the world.

Further Notes[]

  • In the series The Way of the Tiger book "Assassin!", there is an optional reference in which Thaum may lose his life,[6] yet may reappear alive in a later encounter, resurrected under tremendrous monetary cost.[7]

See Also[]


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