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Location: Frostholm, Allansia
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Author(s): Zeca Teixeira
Illustrator(s): Zeca Teixeira
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: December 19 2011
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The Ranger of Grewlant  was a fan written Fighting Fantasy adventure by Zeca Teixeira. It was published online in 2011 at


Old legends have predicted the final battle between the evil demon Zahorn Kobalt and the One that would be raised from your people – the simple semi-elves from the Forest of Night. The only thing that you did not know was that YOU would be the one in charge of destroying Kobalt’s plans to rule a new era of terror by subjugating the human race and exterminating all elves from Titan. Will you accept the challenge predicted by these ancient legends and feared by every one around your lands?


Zeca Teixeira grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a casual comic book and RPG fan. His passion for Fighting Fantasy books awoke in 1995 (at age 14), after Zeca discovered an old copy of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain at a bookstore. The idea to write an amateur adventure came after Zeca moved to the US and casually found the offical Fighting Fantasy website, even despite the fact he was an ESL speaker.

The Ranger of Grewlant took about 14 months to be written due to Zeca's full-time job, college classes and mostly, the birth of his first child, Vida. "I wanted to go for a classic adventure; as epic as could be. Lord of the Rings and other Hollywood hits are undeniable influences for this book."


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).


All 18 illustrations were made by Zeca Teixeira (as well as the transitional figures and the revamped Frostholm map from Jonathan Green's original map).

Main CharactersEdit

YOU: The Ranger of Grewlant



Further NotesEdit

Some other background topics permeate the adventure:

  • Racism: our hero is constantly being a target of prejudice because of his mixed race; it brings a sense of hopeless and powerlessness at first... however, little by little that fact becomes a strong source of power to defeat Zahorn.
  • Power & Absenteeism: Despite so many powerful kingdoms in Frostholm, our humble hero continues his adventure as the only one willing to defeat Zahorn. It is clear througout the narrative that Zahorn and his followers are solely motivated by the power their quest would give them over others.


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