The Riddling Reaver

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The Riddling Reaver is perhaps the most famous of Logaan's servants.[1]



The Riddling Reaver

As to his origins no one knows for certain. We do not even know if he is a Human blessed with supernatural powers or if he is of more divine origin. What we do know is that he is said to live in the jungles of southern Allansia but that he sails around the world on his awesome ship carrying out the work of his master Logaan, "Lord of Tricksters".[2] The Reaver has appeared as far away as the Isles of the Dawn.[3] We also know that he has a daughter, Angelica.[4] He has been found wearing various disguises throughout history and throughout Titan. An encounter with Logaan in Magehunter indicates that the Reaver was created by the god himself.[5]


It is believed that the Reaver is a title that has been held by a number of individuals throughout history, each of him have had powers bestowed upon them by their master. He is known by the Pixies of Affen Forest as "The Majestic Jester".[6]


The Reaver has a headquarters, ("The Reaver's Roost") in the jungles southeast of the city of Rimon. [7] The Reaver's Roost is located within a Realm of Entropy. Bizarre phenomena occur in this Realm of Entropy. [8] Here the waterfalls flow backward and uphill, and the shapes of plants are determined purely by chance. [8] The adventuring scribe Mandalaxis disappeared while exploring the manse of the The Riddling Reaver.[9]


The Reaver has captured a number of Mutant Lizard Men in the jungles of Southern Allansia and made their mutations even stronger. These Lizard Men now act as his servants.[10]


In 103AC, on the 4th of Man's Harvesting, the Riddling Reaver was unmasked in Ximoran, twenty-two years after the death of Orien the last king of the city, and thirteen years after the Queen of Silver was banished.[11]

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