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Location Gallantaria, Titan
Publication details
Author(s) Steve Jackson

Illustrator Steven Lavis
First Edition
Cover illustrator Steven Lavis
First published July 18 1985
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN ISBN 0-19-279792-1
Cover illustrator: Steven Lavis
Publisher: Puffin Books
First published: March 27 1986
ISBN: ISBN 0-14-031969-7

For other uses of The Tasks of Tantalon, see The Tasks of Tantalon

The Tasks of Tantalon is a PuzzleQuest Book written by Steve Jackson, illustrated by Steven Lavis and originally published in 1985 as a hardback (ISBN 0-19-279792-1) by Oxford University Press. It was reprinted by Puffin Books in 1986 as a softcover (ISBN 0-14-031969-7) as part of their Fantasy Questbook range.



Can YOU solve The Sorcerer's Grand Puzzlequest?

The land of Gallantaria is reeling from the aftermath of a long and costly war. Tantalon, wizard of the court, rules the kingdom over an Inner Council of scheming knights, jealously vying for power. But Tantalon's years are drawing to a close ...

In order to seek out the kingdom's sharpest minds, Tantalon has devised an epic adventure quest. One which will test the wits of its contestants to the full. From near and far, contenders come to Royal Lendle to take up the challenge.

You are a competitor in the ageing sorcerer's puzzlequest. Can you steal the Brimstone Dragon's treasure hoard? Will you find a way to free Sir Dunstable from imprisonment in the Stinn dungeon? And how will you catch the Demon Fish?

Do you have the courage and a mind sharp enough to complete:

The Tasks of Tantalon?

The Tasks of Tantalon - Back Cover (Hardback PuzzleQuest Book Edition)

Covers and IllustrationsEdit

The Tasks of Tantalon Cover Variants
1985 1986
TasksOfTantalonHard TasksOfTantalonSoft
OU Press
Puffin Books

£-1 £2.95
  1. No RRP price given on the hardback edition.

The TasksEdit

The Tasks given by Tantalon are:

At the conclusion of the quest, the hero becomes King or Queen of Gallantaria and gains two talismans: the Crown of Courage and the Sword of Justice.[2]

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"The Solution" PamphletEdit

Main article: Tantalon's Secret

A pamphlet was produced in 1987, two years after The Tasks of Tantalon had been published, that provided the solution to the book.

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