Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: Oldtower, the Northern Downs
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Author(s): The Company of the Maiden
Illustrator(s): various
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: 1st February 2019
Previous Adventure: Lair of the Frogs
Next Adventure: N/A

The Tomb of Ajax is a fan written Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventure for 3-5 low-experienced adventurers in the Blackmoor Living World and it can be downloaded here: from the website of the Chimerae Hobby Group.


You always wanted to see a true Dragon with your eyes, even if from a safe distance, so you had the crazy idea of going as close as possible to the Old North Watchtower, known as a big Dragons’ nest, and look up, hoping to see a real Dragon. For this reason, you decided to band together and march west from Maus, along the Raider Road, even if Winter is not over yet.

During your march, you notice an old, crumbling tower between the Raider Road and the Black Sea. A great opportunity to take a break in a safe place!

What adventures will you find there?



This conversion guideline follows the original rules set down in the second edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game, by Arion Games (see Advanced Fighting Fantasy System) with a number of house rules to adapt the ruleset to the original Blackmoor setting (impacting mostly character creation stages and ranged attacks).

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