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The Time of Clay is a name[1] given to that epoch during which the physical laws and aspects of Titan were created, and then the first animals.

Naming of the Time of ClayEdit

There are canonical references to the naming of certain ages that took place before Old Time began, such as the Time of Naming, the Golden Age, the First Battle/Godswar and the Time of Heroes.[2] However, despite a number of sources referring to the events that took place prior even to these Ages, there is no canon defined name for the epoch in which the Magical Clay was used to shape and fashion Titan and the flora and fauna within it. The Time of Clay was therefore settled upon by the members of Rebuilding Titan as best describing this most momentous of ages.

Debate Over LengthEdit

Many scholars believe that the period before the creation of the races was millions of years long. Their theory is that the main elemental gods developed the physical aspects of Titan over many millennia. It was a period in which all the physical features and physical laws of the world were made. To the gods this period of time was of no consequence of course. Once the main physical features and laws were in place the deities started to introduce the plants and animals to Titan. It was only once the creation of Titan was buzzing with the creations of the gods that Logaan stepped forward to take his share of the clay from which he created man. Where some religions differ is that they argue the period before man was created was far shorter. Perhaps even less than a century. This probably stems from the fact that to most of the peoples of Titan and especially to the primitive peoples of prehistory, millions of years was simply an incomprehensible length of time. Thus the time was shortened to better tell the tale and to better focus on man’s creation rather on what preceded it.

Epochs of Titan
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Time of Clay Succeeded by
Time of Naming


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