Domain Wisdom
Other Names The Horned God
Parentage Ashra and Vuh
Spouses Glantanka
Children Throff; Galana; Hamaskis
Siblings Sindla
Affiliations Gods of Earth and Mind; Celestial Court
Holy Day 27th Locking (1st New Year)[1]

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Titan is one of the major gods of the world of Titan, which is said to have been named in his honour. He is also known as the "God of Wisdom".[2]


Titan is the elder statesman of the gods and is revered as Lord of the Celestial Court and therefore he is foremost of the Greater Gods. Among those who believe in the Primal Deities of Arn, Vuh and Elim it is believed that Titan is among that family of younger gods to have been created by Ashra and Vuh. This family is sometimes referred to as the Gods of Earth and Mind.

Titan and Titan

Titan creates Titan

Creation of the World of TitanEdit

One of the most well known myths concerns the creation of the world of Titan. It is said that Titan's daughters, Galana and Throff, discovered the Magical Clay in the gardens of the gods. They presented this to their father who divided the clay up. With the greater part he fashioned the world of Titan, saving the rest to fashion the flora and fauna of the world. Titan handed out the remainder of the clay to the various gods of the Celestial Court to make what they would. After Logaan had created Mankind, into which he had placed a piece of himself, Titan was one of the gods who noted that Logaan had enhanced the clay with his own divine essence. Titan saw the benefits of this approach and did the same thing when he created the Giants, imbued with some of his strength.


He is brother to Sindla and thought by many religions to be the husband of Glantanka. He has many children, the most prominent of which are Throff, Galana and Hamaskis (who is believed by some to actually be his brother).


Titan as "The Horned God"

Worship and Variations across TitanEdit

Surprisingly Titan is not worshipped as a Patron Deity in any land, nor are there many temples to him alone. However, priests of every deity offer up prayers to Titan as well as their own deity and most have at least one day set aside to worship him alone.

In the northern Old World he is referred to as "The Horned God" (e.g. in Gallantaria), but almost everywhere else he is Titan.[3]

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