Titan Rebuilding
Commercial? No
Type of site chat forum
Registration required? Yes (to post)
Owner Yahoo!
Available language(s) English
Launched March 9 2005 (first post)
Current Status Active

Titan Rebuilding is a chat forum launched in 2005 with the general aim of developing the world of Titan.


The issues, topics and ideas discussed there contributed substantially to the genesis of Titannica. Titan Rebuilding has aims almost identical to that of its predecessor Rebuilding Titan, and was created after Rebuilding Titan fell into disuse and disrepair after its moderator ceased to maintain it.


The introductory paragraph of the forum reads thus:

Titan is a fantasy world created as a setting for the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and later the Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game. However, due to being created by a variety of different authors with little cohesion, it requires some help to become a fully operational fantasy world. This list is a discussion forum for role-players and fans of the Fighting Fantasy series to rebuild the world as they feel would be most useful. We discuss: the peoples, creatures, locations, history and magic of the world. Please join if you would like to contribute or just observe.

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