Titannica Wiki Formatting sets out the in-page formatting used by Titannica to keep pages tidy and conforming to a single standard of editing.

Type StylesEdit


Bold should be used for the title of the page, as well as special emphasis within a page (and should be used sparingly).


Italics (''Italics'') should be used for the titles of various media (Audio / Print / Video). For example:

The Keep of the Lich-Lord (book)
The Daily Telegraph (newspaper)
The Empire Strikes Back (film)
99 Luftballons (song)
Doctor Who (television show)

Italics should be placed outside a link, for example:

''[[Knights of Doom]]''


Capitial letters should be used for the following:

Names of places (Fang, Silverton)
Names of people (Gereth Yaztromo, Zanbar Bone)
Titles of authority (Headman, Chief, King)
Names of animals (Giant Spider, Lynx)
Names of races (Elf, Human)
Names of monsters (Zombie, Wight)

Trades (blacksmith, jeweller, assassin, thief) are presented in lower case letters, as are everyday objects or general classifications of things (plant, animal, monster, tree).


For the standard three attributes use the following code:

<span style="font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase">[[Skill (attribute)|skill]]</span>
<span style="font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase">[[Stamina (attribute)|stamina]]</span>
<span style="font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase">[[Luck (attribute)|luck]]</span>

<span style="font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase"> </span> is also the modifying tag for the non-standard, gamebook-specific attributes thus:

<span style="font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase">honour</span>, becomes:


For short quotes of a sentence or less use speech marks (" ") and italics ('' '').

"This is a short quotation."

For those of two or more sentences use the quotation mark up and italics:

{{Quotation|''This is a much longer and more amusing quotation involving much more than one sentence. As indicated by the fact that this is a second sentence.''}}

This is a much longer and more amusing quotation involving much more than one sentence. As indicated by the fact that this is a second sentence.


The references are always at the foot of the page should be set out thus:

==See Also==
*List here
*[[internal wiki links]]
*to relevant pages
==External Links==
*List here
*external links to
*{{w|Wikipedia}} and other
*[websites websites]

Puffin GamebooksEdit

To reference a Puffin Fighting Fantasy gamebook, simply use the following:




with the Puffin/Sorcery! number of the book replacing the "#" symbol.

When referencing a paragraph from one of the gamebooks, the following system should be used:

<ref>{{FF56}} - 38, 147</ref>

which looks like this:

Knights of Doom - 38, 147

For two or more books to one reference use the following system:

<ref>{{FF56}} - 38, 147; {{FF59}} - 56</ref>

which looks like this:

Knights of Doom - 38, 147; Curse of the Mummy - 56

Referencing something other than a paragraph entry (in the case of Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World and Out of the Pit, the first number is the larger A4 format edition and the second number after the backslash the same reference in the smaller B5 format edition):

<ref>{{FF24}} - Map; {{Howlofthewerewolf}} - 515; {{FF48}} - p.9; {{Titan}} - p.7/14</ref>

If you are referencing an illustration, reference thus:

<ref>{{Sor3}} - 150 (illustrated)</ref>

If you are referencing stats, reference thus:

<ref>{{Sor3}} - 150 (stats)</ref>

Or both:

<ref>{{Sor3}} - 150 (stats & illustrated)</ref>

Note: The reference should always appear after the full stop (.[1]), comma (,[2]) or the point in the sentence[3] at which the referenced information ends.

Wizard-Only GamebooksEdit

To reference the new Fighting Fantasy gamebooks published only by Wizard, use the following:

{{FF60}} ... for Eye of the Dragon
{{FF61}} ... for Bloodbones
{{FF62}} ... for Howl of the Werewolf
{{FF63}} ... for Stormslayer
{{FF64}} ... for Night of the Necromancer
{{FF65}} ... for Blood of the Zombies

Referencing a paragraph is the same as with the Puffin books.

{{FF61}} - 78


Bloodbones - 78



To reference an issue of Warlock simply use the following:

{{Warlock#}} - p.47

replacing # with the issue number:

{{Warlock3}} - p.47

which looks like this:

Warlock Issue 3 - p.47

White DwarfEdit

{{WhiteD}} 42 (June [[1983]]) "Open Box" (p.16-17)


To reference a non-Warlock/White Dwarf magazine article, use the following:

''Magazine Title'' 42 (June [[1983]]) "Article title" (p.16-17)

Online Article or Message Board PostEdit

Create an outside link to the post using single square brackets along with the URL:


Then add the details in the following manner:

[ Post 503 at] [[Rebuilding Titan]]

Should more than one reference mention the same board or website, only the first reference has the [[ ]] link to the wikia article on that board/site.


For a list of all the referencing templates, see Template List


Please add the following to an uploaded image:

A picture of [[Oldoran Zagor]].



With plurals, simply link as follows with the 's' outside the brackets:


or thus when a 's' is not used:



When referencing at date:



When referencing a non-specific building/organisation within a city:

[[Thieves' Guild (Blacksand)|Thieves' Guild]]


This is required when more than one page would be using the same title.

When including a term within brackets (), capitals are only used for Monster names, place names, and the names of people:

  • Fangs of Fury (volcano)
  • Ivy (Troll)
  • Ivy (plant)
  • Seas of Blood (book)
  • Eye of the Dragon (text)


A character's main page in the wikia is based on their known name, not including any "descriptors". So, "Gregory the Axeman" is linked as [[Gregory]] the Axeman. In the case of nicknames or secret identities, these are included in speech-marks: "Blaster" [[Babbet]].


see Category Tree for list

Please tag newly created pages with relevant categories.

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