Greyarea13 is a long-time reader, fan, and deconstructionalist of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia, but now in self-imposed exile in south-east Asia for these last 12 years or so (first Vientiane, Laos, then Bangkok, Thailand).

In the Beginning[]

On a trip to the UK in 1984, a young Greyarea13 saw the gamebooks and the first issue of Warlock in pretty much every book shop he entered, and thus convinced his parents to buy him a copy of Deathtrap Dungeon, largely as it had the word "Dungeon" in the title. He also convinced them that his younger brother urgently needed a copy of Island of the Lizard King, mainly due to the cool cover art.

After that, he religiously collected all the fantasy-based gamebooks in the series, studiously ignoring the sci-fi, horror, and superhero offerings, up until the unnumbered version of Vault of the Vampire, at which point he lost interest. This near-fatal apathy was corrected by the inclusion of Dave Morris (a long-time favourite author) as a writer for The Keep of the Lich-Lord, and Greyarea13 continued collecting Fighting Fantasy gamebooks until Revenge of the Vampire. At this point he journeyed to the land of Laos and his collection was packed away in garage storage.

Post-Web, Pre-Wiki[]

Fast forward several years and the first thing Greyarea13 did upon acquiring a domicile with internet connection was search for FF on the web. What followed has been ten plus long years of added collecting (such as Curse of the Mummy and all the non-fantasy titles), writing amateur gamebooks (for example: Lair of the Troglodytes, Impudent Peasant!, The Black Lobster, and Isle of the Cyclops), and contributing to various groups and discussions (see Titan Rebuilding).

Your Adventure Starts Now![]

Greyarea13's favourite gamebooks, including non-FF titles, can be found here and here. His favourite creature is a toss up between the Bloodbeast or the Pit Fiend, and if he lived on Titan it would likely be in a hollow tree on the banks of the Catfish River, just upstream from Port Blacksand.

Titannica Activity[]

You can view his contributions here

Greyarea13 is currently attempting to complete a FF Titan Bestiary, and has been using this resource to write entries on various creatures for the Titannica wiki. He is not getting as much of this completed as he would like, mainly due to the intrusion of real-life concerns such as family, employment (teaching and coaching football), and a recent crippling addiction to football manager simulations.

Fighting Fantasy Collection[]

BlackLotus.jpg Order of Aëgraven
Greyarea13 has been appointed to this Order for significant contributions towards furthering the understanding of Titan's flora. Nedueb 14:06, 10 July 2008 (UTC)