Paltogue has been a fan of Fighting Fantasy since picking up a copy of Island of the Lizard King in his local library in the mid 80s.

He immediately became an avid collector of the original Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery! and Advanced Fighting Fantasy series up until the publication of Tower of Destruction, but after that he only picked up occasional titles. With the advent of internet shopping he completed his Fighting Fantasy collection, including Clash of the Princes, which he never knew about for years, and the Warlock magazines which had never appeared in his local area. He has never seen a BattleCard, a Fighting Fantasy boardgame, nor any of the Fighting Fantasy Computer Games, and has never yet been able to justify the extortionate prices demanded for Casket of Souls.

Favourites[edit | edit source]

His favourite books include Daggers of Darkness, Knights of Doom, and Kharé - Cityport of Traps (which city is also his favourite Fighting Fantasy location). His favourite Fighting Fantasy characters are probably Beshbalik and Symm. His favourite Fighting Fantasy illustrations include the Mortvanian Zombie in Revenge of the Vampire and the sword-wielding Zombies in Dungeoneer.

Heretical Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Paltogue believes that the details of the creation story and the Celestial Court which appear in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World represent the belief system of certain groups on Titan rather than being an accurate record of the origins and nature of that world. He suspects that Marc Gascoigne, with his talk of Men developing from Apes and of land-bridges between the continents, shares similar heretical beliefs...

Titannica Activity[edit | edit source]

You can view his contributions here

Paltogue is an administrator and, dare he say it, one of the founder members of Titannica. Paltogue delights in writing short but thorough articles on obscure peoples and places (because it's easier and somewhat less time consuming than writing huge articles on expansive topics), and his favoured locations are north-west Allansia, the northern Old World, and south-west Khul. His articles tend to be heavy on references to the original source material, and rarely expand upon what is directly retrievable from canon sources, reflecting his belief that these are key ways of making Titannica a superior resource. That said, he occasionally indulges in somewhat lengthy analyses of such diverse phenomena as Gunpowder Technology on Titan, the Location of Gundobad, and Kharé.

Fighting Fantasy Collection[edit | edit source]

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