Van Richten

Van Richten is a vampire hunter who appears in the book Howl of the Werewolf.

Howl of the WerewolfEdit

Van Richten is a formidable, if borderline psychotic, vampire hunter fighting to save the people of Lupravia from the dark forces of the supernatural. All such creatures are equally dangerous in his eyes, and as such if he discovers the player's curse of lycanthropy he expresses sympathy for their plight, but will not waver in his drive to destroy them to keep them from becoming a danger to others. Van Richten wielded a flintlock pistol he would bequeath to the player if they earned his trust. He possesed a Skill of 10 and Stamina 9.

Night of the NecromancerEdit

"Van Richten" is confirmed to be only his surname when his brother, Josef Van Richten, is encountered by the player. Josef is a formidable hunter of the supernatural like his brother, and equally uncompromising. It is mentioned in this adventure that Van Richten met his end at the hands of the supernatural terrors he hunted, and Josef was keen to avenge him.

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