skill 10
stamina 10
Preferred Weapon Large Fist or Magic (see below)
Race/Species Demon/Human

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Voivod is believed to have once been Human and was raised to a demi-god status by Death in the First Battle. As to whether he was seduced by the Evil forces or was imprisoned by Death is still a matter of debate.[1]


It is known that Voivod was an awesome warrior and a leader of men before his defection to the side of Death and his minions. He managed to keep the hard steel armour from that time in which the man who he was was imprisoned and unable to escape.

Voivod was termed the "Lord of the Shadow Warriors", who including himself numbered six in total. He was also referred to as the "Warlord of the Apocalypse" and "The Waster", and was considered Death’s most powerful Earthly servant. It took both Titan and Throff to imprison him below ground in the Zarrikiz Shrine, which is testimony to his power, for they were unable to kill death itself and therefore could not extinguish his flame.

Astrakkaans Numeris[]

Voivod in the Astrakkans Numeris

From an ancient manuscript called the Astrakkaans Numeris it was written that:
Set upon the world of Titan did the Voivod commit atrocities and cast he down the fortress of Megeiron to the wails of the forgotten and the damned on the eve of lost souls. Cruelly did he tear down the walls and take the tribes of Megeiron to the plains of Shabbad where he subjected them to many miseries and torments and the earth shook with his wrath.

(It is believed Megeiron was one of the first major towns or cities in the Femphrey region, and the greatest of all the tribes roaming that area.)

The Voivod was returned to life by his servants, the ghastly Shadow Warriors. Before he could amass his undead army, however, a Gallantarian mercenary faced the undead tyrant with the fabled Spear of Doom. Rather than destroying him, however, the warrior took pity on Voivod and gave him life with the artifact, reverting him back to his long-lost human self. The Gallantarian captain then helped the old man, who was "crying with the simple joy of being alive", start his journey on the road to redemption.[2]

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