Domain Life
Other Names Life of the World
Parentage Arn
Children The Young Gods
Siblings Ashra

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Vuh is one of the three Primal Deities who created the universe.[1]

A crude translation of his name is "Life of the World". Seen as the brother of Ashra. [2] This is thought to represent the fact that these two ancient deities combine to create life and to oppose Elim. It is thought that along with Ashra, he created the first families of the younger Gods of the Celestial Court.[3]

The peoples of northern Allansia once worshipped Ashra and Vuh in abundance before the War of the Wizards. The fact that the peoples of Kaad worshipped Ashra and Vuh earned them the enmity of Carsepolis, where Elim's cult held power.[2] Now Ashra and Vuh's worship is limited to a few isolated settlements in the very far North. [4]

The Shroud of Vuh is a powerful ancient artefact. The shroud will kill a servant of Elim with a touch, but will not have this affect on followers of the younger Dark Gods. The shroud’s inherent power is that it reverses the physical effects of a spell cast on its wearer by a follower of Elim. Thus, as an example, the damage a magical Fire Bolt would have inflicted will be reversed and in fact will heal the wearer by a proportionate amount to the strength of the bolt.

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