Winged Gremlin
skill 5
stamina 4-7
Type Humanoid/Goblin

A Winged Gremlin is a type of Gremlin that has the power of flight thanks to the addition of wings to its body. [1]

Origins and DistributionEdit

One Winged Gremlin lives in Firetop Mountain with an old man who frequent a library. The Gremlin is described as the man's pet and it is true that it often sits on his shoulder. [2] At least 3 Winged Gremlins live in the Black Tower where they frequent a small temple. [3] They often drink frequently from a milky liquid kept inside as it makes the drinker light-headed and prone to laughter. [4]


The Winged Gremlin in Firetop Mountain is a humanoid with wings that is about 6 centimetres tall. It has sharp white teeth and dusty-grey skin. It is not aggressive if the old man is not threatened but will fight any adventurer who attacks the man. If no aggression is offered, the Gremlin will whisper its suspicion to the man but will take no action at all.[5] The Gremlins in the Black Tower frequently drink an intoxicating substance, as stated above. They offer no aggression to anyone and prefer to leave adventurers alone. [6]

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