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The Witchtooth Line is a long line of mountains forming a natural border between Gallantaria and Femphrey.[1]

It is riddled with tunnels infested with all sorts of chaotic creatures, some of which often roam into more civilised lands. Adventurers in the Old World who can say "that they've "crossed the Line"  are the most respected of their kind". [2]

The western spur of the mountains contains the Forbidden Caves, reputedly inhabited by a Gorgon. [3] The mountainous landscape is also home to wandering orc tribes.[2] Notable orc tribes in the Witchtooth Line include the Throttled Skull, Black Scorpion, and Big Boulder Tribes.[2] Gremlins also inhabit these mountains.[4] The eastern part of the Witchtooth Line is haunted by Demons. [5] Parts of the Witchtooth Line contain Dwarf mines. [1] Some tribes of Humans travel through the Witchtooth Line trading furs; these included the parents of Erien Stormchild.[6] Locations near the Witchtooth Line included the Gallantarian settlements of Shattuck, [7] Cumbleside [4] and Karnstein, [8] the Femphreyan village of Clast, and the Fathomdeep Mine. [1]

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