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Wolftown is a town on the southern edge of the Flatlands in central eastern Allansia.[1] There is a roadway from Chalice to Wolftown through Trolltooth Pass, travelled by traders. [2] There is also a road between Wolftown and Warpstone with a few villages on this road, although the road itself is "rarely used". [3] The land around Wolftown consists of plains with shrubs and trees growing on them. A number of abandoned dungeons and mines are near the town.[4]

Wolftown has a courtroom, presided over by a magistrate, and a Guild of Magicians, based at a Guildhouse in the town. The sorcerer Galthazzeth was formerly a member of this Guild before he was expelled for going too far in the creation of Magical Crossbreeds.[5]

Wolftown fell to bandits on Windsday 24th of Locking, 209AC.[6]

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