Wood Demon
skill 9
stamina 10
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Limbs
Habitat Forests
Number Encountered 1
Type Either a Demon or a Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence  ???

A Wood Demon was a malevolent creature thickly covered in moss and insects.[1]

The creature's wooden body was host to so much flora and insect life that it resembled a vaguely humanoid compost heap. It also had humanoid facial features - on its head sunken hollows apparently served as its mouth and eyes.[2]

Prowling around the forest seeking prey, the Wood Demon was capable of ensnaring the unsuspecting with its expansive, vine-like arms in an attempt to mercilessly constrict and crush whatever it caught.[3]

Despite being referred to as a Demon, it is described as having a "love" for the woods in which it lived.[4] These are unusual sentiments for a denizen of the Pit, and so the creature may actually be a pseudo-Demon, similar in that sense to the Earth Demon.

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