skill 6-11
stamina 7-11
Habitat Deserts, Forests, Hills, Plains
Number Encountered Warriors 1-6 Workers 2-12
Type Humanoid/Insect
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence Average-Low

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A Xoroa is one of a strange race of mutated ant men; a creature with the head and torso of a Human and legs and abdomen of an Ant. The creatures are well-suited to rough steep terrain.[1]

Each Xoroa can grow up two metres tall and has a deep red-brown colouring all over. A Xoroa has no external ears but sprouts two flexible Ant antenna instead. Silver-eyed Xoroa can see well in darkness and they have a developed sense of smell. The language of the Xoroa is one of hums and clicks. To communicate at distance, Xoroa use horns of bone.

Like Ants, Xoroa live in a hive system of workers and warriors. Each Xoroan Hive is an underground colony only visible above ground as a small hill with a large opening at the apex. Xoroan warriors patrol around this entrance at all times, often while their workers forage. Xoroan workers are slighter than their warrior counterparts, lighter in colour and of less intelligence. A warrior's usual armaments include spears, javelins and, occasionally, slings.

Xoroan hives contain many small chambers for storing food, weaponry, etc. Each warrior is given a personal individual chamber; workers live communally in straw-covered dorms. Most chambers of a hive though are used to nurse the soft-skinned larvae, spawned by a Xoroan Queen. Each larva hatches within hours and is raised by one of the dozen nursemaids or attendants of the Queen. A typical Xoroan colony numbers two hundred individuals, half of them larva, two thirds of the remainder being workers.

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