skill 5-11
stamina 9-12
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Claws and Bite
Habitat Mountains and Ice
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Yeti are a type of Monster in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.[1]

Origin and DistributionEdit

Yeti can be found in any frozen mountain regions, especially in the Freezeblood Mountains of northern Allansia. Their white pelt is a highly sought prize by hunters, but hunting them is a dangerous - and often fatal - undertaking, since they are strong and savage enough to overpower small groups of armed people, especially when they are taken by surprise.[2][3]


Yeti can reach a size of up to four metres and are humanoid in shape. They are covered in thick white fur, and are armed with huge tusks and claws suited for rending and goring.[3] They are of very low intelligence, with a brain of a disproportionally tiny mass for their body size,[4] but fierce and strong hunters.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Due to their adaptation to their frosty environment, a Yeti absorbs warmth from any body it comes across. When scoring a hit, a Yeti can inflict a further 1d6 of stamina damage with its freezing touch if it scores a successful hit.[3]

It is believed that a tooth of a Yeti is a kind of charm that prevents all attacks from Werewolves and any other Lycanthropes.[5]

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