You is how the player is referred to throughout the various Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The following list details the names attributed to the hero of each book, except for the names of the pre-generated heroes from the "Series 2" editions published by Wizard Books.


Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - Heroes
No. Book Title Name(s) Given in Canon Extrapolated Name(s)
1The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Hero of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
2The Citadel of Chaos Hero of The Citadel of Chaos
3The Forest of Doom Hero of The Forest of Doom
4Starship Traveller Hero of Starship Traveller
5City of Thieves Hero of City of Thieves
6Deathtrap Dungeon Champion of the Labyrinth[1] Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon
7Island of the Lizard King Hero of Island of the Lizard King
8Scorpion Swamp Hero of Scorpion Swamp
9Caverns of the Snow Witch Hero of Caverns of the Snow Witch
10House of Hell Hero of House of Hell
11Talisman of Death Hero of Talisman of Death
12Space Assassin Hero of Space Assassin
13Freeway Fighter Hero of Freeway Fighter
14Temple of Terror Hero of Temple of Terror
15The Rings of Kether Hero of The Rings of Kether
16Seas of Blood Captain of the Banshee
17Appointment with F.E.A.R. Jean Lafayette
18Rebel Planet Hero of Rebel Planet
19Demons of the Deep Hero of Demons of the Deep
20Sword of the Samurai The Shogun's Champion
21Trial of Champions Hero of Trial of Champions
22Robot Commando Hero of Robot Commando
23Masks of Mayhem Hero of Masks of Mayhem
24Creature of Havoc Hero of Creature of Havoc
25Beneath Nightmare Castle Hero of Beneath Nightmare Castle
26Crypt of the Sorcerer Hero of Crypt of the Sorcerer
27Star Strider Hero of Star Strider
28Phantoms of Fear Eldenurin
29Midnight Rogue Hero of Midnight Rogue
30Chasms of Malice Hero of Chasms of Malice
31Battleblade Warrior Hero of Battleblade Warrior
32Slaves of the Abyss Hero of Slaves of the Abyss
33Sky Lord Jang Mistral
34Stealer of Souls Hero of Stealer of Souls
35Daggers of Darkness Hero of Daggers of Darkness
36Armies of Death Hero of Armies of Death
37Portal of Evil Hero of Portal of Evil
38Vault of the Vampire Hero of Vault of the Vampire
39Fangs of FuryThe Torchbearer
40Dead of Night The Demon-stalker Hero of Dead of Night
41Master of Chaos Hero of Master of Chaos
42Black Vein Prophecy Rightful King Maior
43The Keep of the Lich-Lord Chosen of Lhyss Hero of The Keep of the Lich-Lord
44Legend of the Shadow Warriors Hero of Legend of Shadow Warriors
45Spectral Stalkers Hero of Spectral Stalkers
46Tower of Destruction Hero of Tower of Destruction
47The Crimson Tide Eyes and Ears of the God King Hero of The Crimson Tide
48Moonrunner Hero of Moonrunner
49Siege of Sardath Hero of Siege of Sardath
50Return to Firetop Mountain Hero of Return to Firetop Mountain
51Island of the Undead Hero of Island of the Undead
52Night Dragon Hero of Night Dragon
53Spellbreaker The Spellbreaker
54Legend of ZagorAnvar, Braxus, Stubble or Sallazar
55Deathmoor Hero of Deathmoor
56Knights of Doom Hero of Knights of Doom
57Magehunter The Magehunter
58Revenge of the Vampire Hero of Revenge of the Vampire
59Curse of the Mummy Hero of Curse of the Mummy
W1Eye of the Dragon Hero of Eye of the Dragon
W2Bloodbones Hero of Bloodbones
W3Howl of the Werewolf Hero of Howl of the Werewolf
W4Stormslayer Hero of Tannatown Hero of Stormslayer
W5Night of the Necromancer Lord of Valsinore Hero of Night of the Necromancer
W6Blood of the Zombies Hero of Blood of the Zombies
The Port of Peril Hero of The Port of Peril
The Gates of Death Hero of The Gates of Death
SSorcery! The Analander
P1The Warrior's Way Clovis
P2The Warlock's Way Lothar
#1 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part One Hero of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
#2 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part Two Hero of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
#2 Caverns of the Snow Witch Hero of Caverns of the Snow Witch
#3 The House of Hell Hero of The House of Hell
#4 The Dervish Stone Hero of The Dervish Stone
#5 Dungeon of Justice Hero of Dungeon of Justice
#6 The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis Hero of The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis
#7 The Temple of Testing The Analander
#8 The Floating City Hero of The Floating City
#9 Fortress Throngard Hero of Fortress Throngard
#10 Rogue Mage Hero of Rogue Mage
#11 The Land of Changes Hero of The Floating City
#12 Deadline to Destruction Jean Lafayette
#13 The Temple of the Pharaoh Hero of The Temple of the Pharaoh
The Dark Usurper Corwin Calbraith

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