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Ziraphelis was the "Master of Fire" who took up residence on Solani Island with his fellow Masters, and was the second to turn towards the study of the Greater Undead in an attempt to further his understanding of the interaction between the Elements and the very forces of life.[1] As a result, he became possessed by a Dire Spectre, though not killed himself, and began the process of corrupting and dividing the other Masters.

The "Master of Water", Molander, convinced Ziraphelis that experimenting with various forms of life would increase their understanding of their own elements. It was presumably at this time that the "Master of Fire" also acquired mastery over water, and - having no more use for Molander - burst into his chamber and obliterated him with fire. He also learned that the Masters of Air and of Earth were planning to confront him and the late Molander over their meddling.

Ziraphelis had succeeded in this endeavour only because at some stage, he had also mastered the elements of air and earth, allowing him to create a Vortex of Discord and thereby distract the other two Masters, Caltarelair and Remishaz, from his plans. However, the community of monks dedicated to Hamaskis would prove problematic to him unless swiftly dealt with, so he butchered them and sought to use their resurrected corpses to find the Elemental Crystals that had been stolen and hidden by one of the monks, to no avail.

He was killed in a great duel by a fisherman from the mainland, who had travelled to the island to learn why the seas had become dangerous again, after a long period of being kept under control by the four Masters in exchange for various ingredients.

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